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How to book your treatment online
Choose your treatment by selecting the menu option that houses your treatment type - navigating through the menu options > Face, Body, Hands & Feet etc. will change the below related treatments which has the scroll option to view more.
Once you have found your treatment simply click Request to Book. 
Navigate through the calendar to find the bold dates - these have appointments available for the treatment you have selected.
Once you have found the bold date click on it and it will show you the available times on that day.
You can now select the time that suits you and click next.
*Note - if you would like to book multiple services choose a day with other available sessions after your first treatment. e.g. the Crystal Healing Facial 90mins will need 1hr 45mins approx. - this will block the time once booked. You book one treatment at a time but the form will remember your details for quicker booking of the next treatment. 
Now add your details for your treatment and click request. This will then send you to the next screen that shows your requested booking.
*Note - Under the details of your booking you will also see 'check out more services' this is how you book multiple appointments, which takes you back to step 1 to find the next treatment, then select the same date you booked via step 2, then choose the next time via step 3 (but the booking details form will be prefilled with all your entered details saving you time.)
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