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Product Description
The ultimate home care system designed to lift, firm,
tone and detoxify the skin. This compact, non-invasive,
multifunctional device works by combining thermal
massage, low level EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation)
technology and LED therapy to stimulate micro
circulation and oxygenate the skin for healthier blood
flow and nutrient delivery.
How to Use
On/Off - Long press the power button for 2 seconds then
Mode 1: Collagen & Elastin - Press power button once.
Warming RED LED 625nm combined with positive (+)
microcurrents and thermal energy, to help stimulate
micro circulation and encourage collagen and elastin
• Supports collagen production
• Reduce fine lines
• Restores skin texture and tone
• Improves circulation
• Reduces inflammation and puffiness
• Brigthens and rejuvenates
Note: Always test this mode on your arm to ensure
comfortable heating before applying to the face.
Mode 2: Clear & Purify - Press the power button twice.
BLUE LED 460nm combined with negative (-)
microcurrents provide anti-bacterial benefits, encourage
sebum regulation, and soothes inflamed skins.
• Detoxifies and clears
• Calms and soothes
• Improves circulation
• Brightens and rejuvenates
• Reduces inflammation and puffiness
Mode 3: Lift & Firm - Press the power button three times.
FLASHING RED LED with low level EMS 2.5 Hz, Electrical
Muscle Stimulation, helps to stimulate collagen and
elastin production to firm, lift and tone. Some patients
may experience a tingling sensation due to the EMS
technology. Adding Mode 4 Vibration to this setting may
decrease the sensation. No thermal energy is emitted
during mode 3.
• Lifts and firms
• Increase muscle stimulation
• Facial contouring
• Reduce fine lines
• Improve skin texture and complexion
Mode 4: Tone & Plump - Double-click the power button
in any mode to start the vibration mode.
Additional Vibration Mode can be chosen during any
Mode (1,2 or 3), double click the power button to activate
the vibration massage. This will intensify each mode
with additional massage to increase microcirculation to oxygenate and rejuvenate the skin.

O Rejuv Facial Device

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