Dermal rollers have been around since 7th century China, so these beauties are definitely what you could call “tried and tested”. And they’re still being used today, well over 1000 years later.


On the physical side of things, rose quartz dermal rollers help to detoxify your skin, reduce inflammation, and increase circulation giving you a gorgeous glow and improving your skin tone. Not to mention they also help your products penetrate into your skin so they’re even more effective.


There’s something special about the ritual of using a rose quartz dermal roller that goes beyond the skin benefits. The simple elegance of it that’s grounding and *extremely* relaxing but at the same time it leaves you feeling completely uplifted. 


Even if you don’t go in for the spiritual side of things, the facial massage that you get from your roller is going to relax the muscles in your face and neck, softening them. By getting rid of all that tension you’re It’s beautifully cool to touch and the gentle nurturing and heart-opening energy is a perfect match.

Rose Quartz Dermal Roller