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A scent for every occasion

For those who like to dabble in various scents and pick and choose at their leisure. The trio set allows you to become very well acquainted with all three scents and experience their individual therapeutic intention.

Main notes: Spiced woods, smoked florals, honeyed citrus
Properties: Inspires courage and passion

Main notes: Crushed leaves, cool florals, balsam (vanilla and cinnamon)
Properties: Inspires connection and mindfulness

Main notes: Herbaceous, zesty, peppery, earthy
Properties: Inspires calmness and clarity



Ode to self creates natural perfume oils that are kind to health, gentle on the soul and mindful of the environment. Ingredients consist of plant extracts and oils, sourced globally and blended locally, offering individuals a pure scent that respects the traditional art of perfumery and provides therapeutic intention.

To reduce our impact on the environment, recyclable and compostable ingredients and materials are utilised.
Australian suppliers are employed to reduce travel emissions and support local businesses. Our perfume oils are mindfully made in small batches to reduce waste.

THE SET- UNFURL, Deep, Ardour, Mind/Matter 12ml Rollers

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