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Body | Reiki | 60 |

  • 1 h 15 min
  • 90 Australian dollars
  • Ada Street

Service Description

The system of Reiki teaches you mindfulness. Mindfulness is a mind, body, and energy approach which helps you to reduce stress, worry, fear, anxiety for your personal wellbeing. During this 60 minute meditative experience the body will be treated holistically, as well as concentrating on specific areas. This treatment is performed with the recipient fully clothed & laying down on the treatment bed. Reiki is the Japanese art of "Universal Energy" or "Spiritual Energy" Hand positions (referred to as palm healing) are used & hands are placed on or near the body. Ki (energy) flows freely from the practioner, through the hands. The Ki is not pushed or forced from the hands, it is actually drawn through them by the receiving body. Once the body senses the Ki, it takes it where it needs and wants it. An excerpt from The International House Of Reiki: "One of the most fundamental concepts of Reiki is that our bodies draw on more energy to clear stagnant energy. We cannot say exactly why this happens and with the system of Reiki it is not necessary to do so. This is not a system that diagnoses - all we need to know is that our bodies will draw on the energy and take it where it is needed. If the rational mind gets in the way by diagnosing we are limiting the healing possibilities of spiritual energy. It relies on the wisdom of the body to know what it needs and wants." The system of Reiki can support: Physical Healing Mental and Emotional Healing Spiritual Healing

Contact Details

  • The Conscious Beauty Therapist, down driveway, Katoomba NSW, Australia

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