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infrared sauna katoomba

The heating technology developed by Sunlighten is one of a kind. Near, mid, and far SoloCarbon® infrared heaters providing 3 in 1 infrared heating technology. Our new MPulse Sauna has exclusive Celliant infused heater covers to maximise infrared health benefits. Our 3 in 1 heaters found in the mPulse sauna allow for all three wavelengths (near, mid and far) to be recreated in one place. You have specialised targeted programs offered below to direct the heaters to emit the optimal blend of infrared wavelengths.

  • Far-infrared for detoxification (core temp increase), blood pressure and cholesterol reduction and relaxation

  • Mid-infrared for weight loss, pain relief and improved circulation (passive cardio workout)

  • Near-infrared for cell health, complexion, wound healing and skin purification

Our customised full spectrum infrared is optimized to give you the best result for your wellness journey.

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